Whale Tales for Valentine's Weekend

I can still remember the sound of Dr. Roger Payne’s voice on the CD-ROM I watched over and over when I was in elementary school. Toward the end of the disc, there were interviews with whale experts and he was one of the insightful voices unveiling the mysteries of these fascinating mammals.

Fast forward to college, and I was in the computer lab printing out emails from a listerv called “Marmam” on green and white dot matrix paper. It was in this list that I learned of the work of marine mammal research icons, like sperm whale expert Dr. Hal Whitehead. I felt like I was in an underwater observatory, reading semi-private exchanges revealing the world’s minute-by-minute aquatic secrets.

Time hop to the future—this weekend—and I will be participating in the Whale Tales Conference with Dr. Payne, Dr. Whitehead, and many other scientists, photographers, videographers, and musicians—all celebrating the majestic whales and exchanging the latest research insights. The program will be broadcast live over two days and will feature nearly 6 hours of whale and expert talks, plus virtual whale watches and a virtual snorkel trip.

While we would all rather be on the Magic Isle of Maui, this is a rare and wonderful opportunity to participate from the comfort of our own homes.

Keiki (children) can join me in the Keiki Expo Room, “Ocean Innovation” on Saturday, February 13th and/or Sunday, February 14th from 12pm-2pm PST to design whale, marine life, and ocean innovations that will help the planet! Plus, check out my talk in the On-Demand Library for the event.

I look forward to a Valentine’s weekend of celebrating our love for the most charismatic megafauna—our whales! Register today.

Photo Credit: Flip Nicklin

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