Tree Time

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Every day, we make a thousand decisions. Many of these decisions involve making choices of how we spend our time. On the morning of the 4th of July, we woke up a bit later than usual. Once we got going, we started listing all of the tasks we wanted to accomplish before heading to an afternoon barbecue. There didn't seem to be time for an adventure, but the pull was there and it wasn't going away.

I was thinking about a place someone had mentioned called Grove of Old Trees. The name seeped straight into me when I heard it and I was certain it contained the type of magic of which I am in constant pursuit.

Forty-six minutes after jumping in the truck, we came upon this gnome-like spot and were immediately swallowed by redwoods. (I have come to learn that anything under an hour in California is "right around the corner.")

If redwoods are not within reach for you, please enjoy them here virtually and/or head to whatever species of trees are closest to you!

Some of the tasks that were on my list involved working on the final review of Wonder is My Compass. I came upon this bench as we entered the trail and felt supported in my decision to follow my wonder into the woods.

There will always be laundry to be done, counters to be wiped, flowers to be watered, and practices to rush to, but we have to make adventure and time together a priority.

When we kick back in nature's living room, she slowly reveals some of her secrets. Sometimes she makes small talk; other times, she reveals something juicy she's never told a soul. But, you cannot know what she has to say unless you listen. I do promise you, however, the she typically offers her best insights to those who make her a priority.

Pull up a seat, she has something to tell you...

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