First Author Reading of WIMC

As I have ventured into the chapter of the author journey, I find myself looking at what the seasoned self-published authors around me are doing and have done. My next move is clearly bookmarks. (All the cool kids have them.) I am learning the ropes from several people in my writer’s club, one of whom is especially supportive of promoting local authors.

Jeanne Sloan has been organizing a Dine with the Authors event for several years and invited me to be one of the featured authors. I somehow made it six months past my publishing date without reading from the book in front of an audience. I finally broke the ice on this and had an extremely enjoyable evening.

I selected a passage from a story about my time interning in the Netherlands and Greece, with a focus on seal rescue and rehabilitation. In many ways, the story is not the most telling of the theme of the book and not necessarily the most poignant piece to represent the whole, but I feel extremely compelled to read it.

When I reflect on why I chose this piece, I suppose it is that part of me that is simply and purely excited to be an author. I knew that I would probably be presenting in front of larger parent and children audiences in the future, but this was my chance to have fun with my identity as a writer and author. And so I read a passage that felt like the perfect string of words to say to a group of strangers and a few best friends over wine and tea, under ambient lighting.

In that moment, it wasn’t critical to me that anyone understand what the book was about or that they purchase one on their way out. It was simply a moment in time to enjoy the moment of being.

Being an author.

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