Regardless of your knowledge and experiences with science, YOU have what it takes to be a 

Facilitator of Science Learning

for your child.

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"I propose we do more than just love our kids to the moon and back. Let's love them deep into outer space and far below the ocean's surface by helping them SEE, FEEL, AND DISCOVER what is possible."

Did You Know That...

your child’s future career will most likely require STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) skills?


Whether you are a Science Dreamer or a Science Screamer (eek—a frog!), you have the ability to guide your child toward success in a science-rich future.


Written by a professional science educator, and fellow parent, this book is chock-full of tips and insights to Chart Your Family’s Course for science learning.


Quotes from the author’s young son, such as, “Mom. I love you. But why are we doing this?” (said while sticking LEDs into playdough at 7:30 a.m.) make this a highly-entertaining expedition.


Get ready to start using

Wonder as Your Compass!


Wonder is My Compass is the scientific field guide parents didn't know they needed.

Until Now.

~Scott Barry Kaufman


Author of Transcend and Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined &

“Your book has incredible timing…[i]t came out before the pandemic, but it’s all the more relevant now that parents are having to take their child or children’s education into their own hands. So, I think it’s all the more useful now to realize that we, as parents, can empower ourselves to be the educators of our children.”


~Céline Cousteau


IG Live 10/16/20



Wonder Is My Compass speaks to the heart, mind, and soul of every parent wanting to raise a creative and critical thinker and overall good human.

Kristin Fields, MS


Editor of


Big Questions

in Creativity


Wonder is my compass is the book every parent should be reading. Jayme makes science inviting, accessible, and a grand family adventure. You can’t help but be swept up in her relatable and humorous stories. And, the activities she suggests for inspiring wonder can be done regardless of time or budget. You will “wonder” why you didn’t read this sooner!

John Cabra, PhD


Author of


Organizational Creativity:

A Practical Guide

for Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Wonder is My Compass is part self-help, part science field guide, part 'mom'oir. Never before have science and creativity been so seamlessly woven  into bite-size pieces that  parents can easily apply.

Diana Rangaves, PharmD


Author of


The Adventure of

Rosy Posy Papillion


Embrace Your Excellence


“This book is gold. I knew I could make everyday science fun… I just had no idea how to actually do it. Now I know!”

— Lizzy Russinko, Artist, Retreat Leader, Mother of Two

“I literally failed science in high school and never enjoyed it. This book showed me how everyone is a scientist.”

— Sara C, Teacher



As a Professionally-Trained

Facilitator of Creativity & Innovation

with a Science Background,

Jayme will hold your hand

on the way to becoming a confident

Facilitator of Science Learning

for YOUR Child. 

Jayme holds a BS in Psychobiology from Southampton College, an MS in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State, and a Professional Certificate in Free-Choice Learning from Oregon State University. 


She has engaged the public in science learning as a Research Naturalist and Program and Events Specialist for the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui, Hawai’i, the first Education Manager of Maui Ocean Center, and Assistant Director for the Center for Science Learning at the Buffalo Museum of Science. She is currently the Creativity and Innovation Strategist for a nonprofit organization that serves hundreds of thousands of children through STEAM and Innovation programming across North America.

Launch Party

Grateful for an amazing gathering of friends, family, and community at Keller Street CoWork in Petaluma to celebrate the book's launch. Collectively discussing science is my very favorite hobby. Together, we can help children understand that science is within their reach at all times.

Book Signing in Maui

Thank you to Maui Ocean Center for allowing me to come back "home" and re-connect with the staff, guests, and marine life. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to dive in the Open Ocean exhibit afterwards. Connecting with young visitors from the other side of the glass is so deeply rewarding!


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